Students are encouraged to participate in the wider community.  Charity is central to our ethos and fundraising activities are encouraged.  These activities develop a responsible attitude and an understanding of the ramifications of actions upon environments and humanity.  Charitable donations made recently are as follows:

Fundraising for Montgomery County Infirmary Birthing Centre – November 2016

Newtown Campus were asked by the local hospital to contribute, through fundraising activities, towards the purchase of a vital piece of equipment, which costs in excess of £5,400.00. This vital piece of eqipment allows an unborn baby’s heart-rate to be monitored for irregularities. Advanced analysis software interprets the data and allows the mid-wife to make informed decisions on the best care for the mother and baby. Accurate foetal heart-rate monitoring saves lives.

Led by a student group, this fundraising campaign involves a number of initiatives to raise money towards this worthy and important cause.


Talent Show – July 2016

The Snowdon House Team of Students held a Talent Show in the Village Hall at Sarn to raise funds for the RNLI – a very worthy cause.

We charged an entrance fee to all parents and pupils watching, and the pupils who performed. We also emailed local businesses, and asked them to sponsor the day, with any money left over going straight to the charity. The Talent Show was a huge success, and was greatly enjoyed by all.

At the Achievers Assembly, on 18th October, we invited two guest speakers from the RNLI; Peter Long and Megan Cooper to share their experiences and knowledge about the charity, and to give us an insight into what their jobs are; their speeches were really interesting and enjoyable for all. The two speakers actively take part in the RNLI by working with schools to educate youngsters and organise fundraising events.

For more information on their safety message, please visit their website:

We then presented them with a cheque of £1078.08, which was very much appreciated.



Primary School:

Date Charity Amount Money From
02.05.12 Severn Hospice /RNLI/  NSPCC/ Air Ambulance/ Barnardo/& Marie Curie £20.00 per charity x 6Total £120.00 Fruit Bar
30.09.12 British Heart Foundation500.00 to Sarn Recreation £2264.00 Jump Rope
30.09.14 Sarn Recreation Committee £500.00 Jump Rope
16.10.12 Severn Hospice, RNLI, NSPCC,Air Ambulance & Barnardos, £40.00 per charity x 5Total £200.00 Fruit Bar
19.11.13 RNLI/  NSPCC/ Air Ambulance/ Barnardo/Marie Curie/MacMillan Nurses £50.00 per charity x 6Total £300.00 Fruit Bar
30.04.14 RNLI, Guide Dogs, Hope House, Red Cross, MacMillan Nurses, Show Racism the Red Card. £35.00 per charity x 6Total £210.00 Fruit Bar
15.05.14 Guide Dogs – sponsor a puppy £104.00 sponsor a puppy fee Fruit Bar

 Senior School:

Date Charity Amount Money From
Oct 2011 RNLI £700 Sponsored Football Match
Feb 2012 Focus Hague School £550 Town Centre Food Stall
June 2012 Help 4 Heroes £1600 Sponsored Snowden Walk
March 2013 Air Ambulance £700 Sponsored Bike Ride
2013 Focus Hague School £450 Varied Charity Events
June 2013 Ogwen Mountain Rescue £700 Sponsored Snowden Walk
Oct 2013 Sarn Recreation Committee £15,000 Sponsored Bike Ride


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