At OneSchool we operate as you may imagine as One School. We do not define our students as primary or secondary. We simply seek to ensure that from the day they arrive to the day they leave the quality of provision is the finest it can be. We measure this by our outstanding assessment and progress tracking.

We pay close attention to the needs of students by supporting them in a structure of Year 3-8  and one from Year 9-13

In Year 3-8 we focus on the development of strong numeracy and literacy skills and build up the skill base of SDL to create strong enquiring minds that have the resilience to move into the second phase with all the skills necessary to maximise their success. Where students in primary phase elsewhere find the transition to Year 7 a real issue our student seamlessly develop and are very much used to having multiple teachers, environments for learning and are skilled in the collaborative approach of SDL

In Years 9-11 we take time and further opportunities to deepen these independent thinking skills so that by the end of Year 11 we have student enjoying and succeeding as opposed to being part of a result factory learning skills for life not facts by route and being ‘taught to the test’.

The last part of the second phase allows the most positive of engagement in A level and 6th form provision. We have some of the most creative and forward thinking work related learning through the CAP programme and all of this is augmented with enrichment through such courses as EPQ.

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