The school takes safeguarding and the well-being of children extremely seriously. We have robust systems to keep children safe and ensure those that may seek to harm or injure students are kept off our campus.

Access to the site- Everyone must sign in as they arrive at the school. It is essential that only one entrance to the school is possible. If anyone on the site sees any entrance open they have a duty of care to close it and report this had been left open. All gates require a key pad input to open and it is essential everyone ensures the robustness of the system. Children should be reminded that whilst they also have a duty to check gates and report any that are left open.

On arrival staff must sign in on the daily attendance sheet. Supply staff must use the signing in system for visitors. Any supply teachers will have had identification and clearance details sent by the agency in advance. Without this, they are unable to have access to the school.

Keeping children safe- the system:-

This system is called a Single Central Register (SCR) where all people that have contact with students. This includes

  • Teaching staff
  • Support staff
  • Trustees
  • Volunteers
  • Agency staff
  • Contractors
  • Student teacher

Please Read page 26 of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (a copy can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) to see when a DBS is required.

We are resolute and have strong systems to ensure all are kept safe:-


All staff and volunteers are checked for appropriateness by the school on application. No adult will have any contact with students without these checks being successfully cleared. Any attempt to circumnavigate these protocols will be treated with the highest level of seriousness. Potential employees or volunteers will not have access to the site until all requirements have been met. This system  is now know as DBS (Disclosure and Barring System)

Before a potential recruit can begin at the school a protocol of evidencing identity, references, qualifications, right to work and all required materials for a DBS to be completed must be provided. Failure to provide any of these required documents will automatically terminate an interview.


All staff must engage in immediate induction upon appointment. This includes the child protection officer leading the training of all staff and the subsequent annual refresher training. This must be recorded and acknowledged by the child protection officer as being adequately met both in spirit and act.

All staff appointments can only be ratified subject to all checks on previous employment, references and validation of qualifications along with background checks returning satisfactorily.

Please note that ALL staff are required to complete an annual ‘self declaration’ form to ensure that we have updated clarity as to the suitability of all staff.


Temporary or agency staff.

These staff can only be given access to the site subject to a clearance reference from the approved agency along with photographic evidence prior to arrival of the member of staff. The school only uses recruitment agencies that are licensed and approved by the Department for Education

Any agency staff that are later recruited to the school directly will have to undergo the full recruitment checks and policy for all Focus Learning Trust staff.

Staff identification.

All staff must wear an official identification badge. Any adult on site not wearing ID must be challenged by all/any member of staff. Any person unable to provide identification must be reported immediately.


Only visitors approved by the Headteacher or trustees may have access to the site. No visitor without a current DBS can have access to students on the site without a member of staff in attendance (then, only with specific remit from the Headteacher). There will be no exceptions to this and any member of staff appointed and awaiting their DBS clearance are subject to the same prohibition.


There must not be any visitors on the site that has not been approved by the Headteacher or Trustees.

Recruitment approval

No member of staff may be appointed without at least one member of the appointment panel having current ‘safer recruiting’ accreditation.

For more information on safer recruitment guidance visit


Site safety

Access to the site must only be possible by key padded gates and doors. It is the responsibility of every member of staff to ensure all such gates and doors are firmly locked shut after them. No child should be asked or encouraged to give access to an adult to the site.

It is the duty of every legitimate adult on site to challenge of any unknown adult that is not displaying the appropriate badging ( staff lanyards are blue, visitors lanyards are red).


Students know that if they have any issues- however small they can speak to a teacher. We encourage and develop a system of openness. All issues are referred to the Child Protection Officer and appropriate records are kept in line with current legislation.

Child protection and safeguarding is everybody’s concern and as such it is important that each and every one of us reports any concerns.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Elizabeth Sefton