Estyn Inspection – December 16

Focus School – Newtown Campus Estyn Report 2016

Current Performance and Prospects for Improvement are:

  • Nearly all pupils behave extremely well and most have a very positive attitude to their learning
  • Nearly all pupils have well-developed numerical skills
  • Most pupils are resilient learners
  • Most pupils read well, with expression and understanding
  • Most pupils listen well and speak confidently
  • Nearly all pupils have a powerful sense of wellbeing


  • The head teacher has established a clear vision for the school as a learning community
  • Leaders have a clear understanding of the school’s key priorities for improvement
  • The school development plan provides a secure basis for improvement
  • The trustees have high aspirations and challenge the school robustly
  • Extremely effective partnership arrangements enhance the quality of pupils’ learning experiences and improve their wellbeing


 School Inspection Service March 2014

What the school does well:

  • Teaching and learning are good
  • The quality and amount of extended writing has improved since the last inspection
  • Support for pupils with SEN is very effective
  • Curricular links between the junior and senior departments are good
  • The tracking of pupils’ progress in learning is good


Estyn Inspection November 2010

The school’s strengths include:

  • Good standards in external examinations at the end of Key Stage 4 and the 6th Form that are above national averages
  • Pupils can speak confidently, listen attentively and read fluently
  • Across the school, very good pupil behaviour and positive attitudes to learning
  • Very good support for pupils with special educational needs
  • Effective leaders who know and manage the school well

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