A pivotal feature of OneSchool is SDL (Self Directed Learning). At first glance this seems great but nothing special. Surely all children in any school are encouraged to be self-directed. Isn’t it simple good practice to ensure students go beyond learning to the test and simply becoming google machines with legs!

You won’t find any argument with us but what you will find is a realistic and dedicated commitment to students learning to learn and developing the skills to investigate big questions and to enhance their collaborative skills to simply engender a love of learning that grows with them and lasts throughout their lives.

How do we do it? We dedicate skill sets specifically to ensure students develop the skills and not simply amass knowledge.

We live in a world that is changing at an alarming rate. Most of our year 7 students will be working with technologies that are pure science fiction at this stage. Within OneSchool we understand that we cannot simply continue a system of education that was fit for purpose in the Victorian era or even the post war mass production systems known as the Fordist phase in economic history. Our strategy is to create a generation of young people that can go into the world of work with the skills to adapt and use whatever the future brings us. Rather than hope we guess the future we look at what thinking skills we will need to adapt, develop and thrive in an uncertain world.