We follow a program of well planned, relevant and interesting school trips to enhance the curriculum across the subject areas.

There is no formal agenda, but typical visits include field trips to rivers, cliffs and other places of geological interest, and trips to museums, nature reserves or other places of historic, scientific or natural interest.

Schools also arrange reward or team building trips particularly where specific goals have been reached or at strategic points in a cohort’s school life such as key stage transitions or exam completion.


Our school experience goes beyond purely academic achievement. Our aim is to equip all pupils with the skills they will need to succeed in later life. This is the additional challenge that we set our pupils, so that they are able to look back and reflect on their time at Newtown Campus, knowing that they have been completely supported to make excellent learning progress, attain a worthy set of academic qualifications, and develop the essential qualities that will be needed for further success in later life.

Students can participate in LAMDA, a public speaking course, First Aid Training, Cooking and extra curricular activities.

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