Focus School Newtown Campus, like all One School establishments is driven by a commitment to excellence. We are a small independent school that has some of the most motivated and driven students of any school. Outcomes are excellent and there is a shared vision to become world class.

Students, staff, parents and the wider community understand that the OneSchool motto of ‘learning to learn’ embraces a lifelong commitment to self-regulation and improvement.

SDL (Self Directed Learning) is at the heart of how the school is seeking to become world class. This means that everyone understands that learning is an active and shared experience and the model of the teacher as the oracle imparting information for learners to fill up with is simply unacceptable. We are committed to develop independence and interdependence in learners to equip them with the skills to enter the world of work in the ever changing environment of the 21st century.

Our vision is underpinned with the OneSchool ethos and to learn in an environment that is caring, happy, supportive and exciting.

We understand that leaving one child behind on this journey is not an option and the success of the whole school is interwoven with the success of each and every student.

We hope that you find the website valuable and anything we demonstrate on this site is actually 100 times better in reality.