13 Nov

  • By Mr Larry Wilson

STEAM day at Newtown Campus Focus School

STEAM day at Newtown Campus was an exciting, creative day in the life of the school. As a school we had recently voted for House Captains to lead the respective houses and this was their first foray into leading cross phase groups of pupils in a broad scoped task. For Raiders there was Holly Blackledge, a dedicated Year 11 pupil, Troopers were led by the level headed Vienna a student with outstanding organisational skills and finally Warriors were led by the focused Chiquita.
Throughout the day each team vide to produce work of a more refined, higher level than their opposition. Each team utilised a variety of media from the traditional poster to role play through to website design.
Each team deserved high praise for their efforts on the day. However as with any completion only one winner can emerge and in this particular case it was the Troopers. Their focus for excellence, organisational skills and use of technology was standout on the day.