04 Nov

  • By adrianpaynter

There is a new day assessment unit due to open at Newtown Hospital in early 2017, which will include the introduction of a full-time ultrasound midwife and capabilities to provide scanning and fetal monitoring to mothers who present with risk factors during the antenatal period

Newtown Campus have identified the upgrade as an excellent opportunity to help out in the local community and make a difference, and have been asked by the hospital to contribute through fundraising activities towards the purchase the foetal heart-rate monitor.

This vital piece of equipment, which costs in excess of £5400, allows an unborn baby’s heart-rate to be monitored for irregularities. Advanced analysis software interprets the data and allows the mid-wife to make informed decisions on the best care for the mother and baby. Accurate foetal heart-rate monitoring saves lives.

The nearest District General Hospital in our community is The Princess Royal in Telford, and it is anticipated that the new Day assessment unit will provide care to approx 7 women per day, hence saving 35 women per week from having to attend an external District General Hospital. With the provision of improved facilities and equipment, travelling for Newtown Mums-to-be will be reduced by approx. 175,000 miles a year! The provision of this new equipment will improve care provision for the local population in a timely manner and reduce the cost and inconvenience to Powys Families.

A recent Message from Practice Development Midwife and project leader:  “Thank you for your email regarding the school’s proposed funding of a new Feotal Heart-Rate monitor. This is fantastic news we are very grateful for your support….”

Led by a student group, the fundraising campaign is underway and a number of initiatives are planned to raise money towards this worthy and important cause.