21 Jul

  • By Mr Larry Wilson

Students finished the year with a treasure hunt and then a celebratory barbeque to say good bye to staff leaving and to reflect on all they had achieved in the year.

As ever, we need to say a big thank you to community members who provided the food

We have had a very productive morning with our academic revision treasure hunt.

Students have written imaginative and creative clues for their rival teams.


Raiders   created clues for Troopers

Troopers created clues for Warriors

Warriors  created clues for Raiders

Houses were awarded marks for their creativity, presentation, academic content and the clarity of their clues.

Results were as follows:

1st place Warriors 269

2nd place Troopers 217

3rd place Raiders 139


The winning house was awarded 50 merits


Troopers won the hunt solving the Raiders’ clues and enjoyed their chocolate reward.