20 Jan

  • By lucywilliams

Head Teacher Weekly Update

Primary Swimming

The first session of swimming went well. If you would like to volunteer to help with supervision for the swimming please can you let Lucy or Sheena know in the office.

School Council Update

Before the holidays the school council were actively raising money for equipment for Newtown Hospital’s maternity ward.  The school was split into teams by the School Council and tasked with raising funds.  We are pleased to announce that the School Council raised over £5700 for the hospital.  Below some examples of what each group did.

Tesco Bake Sale – Carwenna, Rhiannon and Kirianna went to Tesco’s in Newtown armed with balloons and cakes and set up a stall.   Items on sale included Top Hats, Rice Crispie cakes, Chocolate Chip Flapjacks and Baloons.   In total the group raised £223.      HT update photo 20.01.17

Bucket Challenge – Gina, Holly, Tanya, Leonie, Ayrton, Tyler and Lyle all had buckets poured over their heads on a cold winters afternoon.  Some students were fortunate as the buckets only contained water where as other had buckets full of all different sorts of food and smelling very unpleasant poured over them.  As a group in total students raised £1100.

Walks, Cake raffles and sweets in a jar – Another group led by Kirsten and Chiquita raffled cakes, and asked people to guess the number of sweets in a jar.  The majority of the group participated in a sponsored walk on the three Briedden Hills.  This group again raised over £1000.

Other activities included a sponsored walk around the school field, with some students doing over 12 laps.  Other students auction off paintings, sold calendars and cakes.

Well done to all students involved and thank you to everyone who contributed.

Adverse Weather

Just a reminder, that notifications of school closure due to adverse weather conditions will be placed on the website, please check the website for any information.  If there is no notification assume the school is open.

Mobile Phones

A gentle reminder that students should not be bringing mobile phones into school and if they do, they will be confiscated until the end of the day.

PE Kit

Please can you ensure that senior students bring in their PE kit on Fridays as on a number of occasions students have forgotten items at home.  In addition please can they bring in warmer items of clothing due to the cold weather at the moment, all PE kit including winter kit must be from the prescribed uniform.

Dates for your Diary

Houses of Parliament Trip (Year 9&10)                   27/03/17