07 Apr

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Head Teacher Weekly Update

Newtown Campus welcomes survivor from the Holocaust Educational Trust

On Monday 3rd April, students from Newtown Campus hears testimony from Holocaust survivor, Mala Tribich MBE, as part of a visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET).

The testimony was insightful, harrowing and humbling to hear. Please see below for a summary of the event from a student perspective.

Article for Newsletter- Mala Tribech

By Holly Blackledge

On Monday 3rd April, Mala Tribech came to visit our school. She is an incredible woman with an incredible story. When the war broke out in Poland she was 9. Her and her family were immediately put in a ghetto along with 28,000 other Jews. Food and space were scarce. When the deportations took place, Mala and her cousin Idzia Klein were sent one at a time to an ethnic German family who agreed to have them for money. They were there for several months, and Idiza left to go to some family friends because she was so homesick. Idiza was never seen again. When Mala returned to her father and uncle she realised Idiza hadn’t returned back to her family. Shortly after, her mother and sister were taken away and brutally murdered by the Nazis- something she cannot talk about. Mala had to look after her young cousin Ann, as she was the only female left in the Klein family. Mala worked in a plywood factory in the Ghetto as a slave labourer. In 1944, she was transported by train to Ravensbruck concentration camp- an experience she cannot talk about. After 10 weeks in Ravensbruck, they were sent on cattle trucks to Bergen Belsen. Mala described this camp as hell, with piles of dead bodies everywhere. She told us this was a camp where people died due to the lack of food, space and sanitary conditions, you did not need to kill them. Here, Mala contracted typhus around the time they were liberated. She described the liberators as her ‘saviours’. Mala was sent to Sweden, and a few years later was reunited with her brother Ben- the only surviving member of their family. Ann was reunited with her mother and they emigrated to Australia.

We asked questions, which she answered in great detail, giving us more detail about her story. We then gave her a cheque of £300 for the Holocaust Education Trust.

It is hard to put Mala’s story into words, and to be able to tell it fully would take pages. Her story is unforgettable and we were very privileged to have her visit our school. She is one of the few holocaust survivors left, and is committed to travel around schools and tell her story.


School Photo’s

The school photographer will be in on Tuesday 25th April, all students will need to be full school uniform. Could we please ask that all pupils wear their summer uniform for photos.

School Closure

The school will be closed for students on Thursday 27th April from 12pm onwards for staff training, lessons will be as normal in the morning.


After the holiday students will be able to wear their summer uniforms, the expectation will be that all students are in full summer uniform the week commencing 1st May.  If there are any problems acquiring summer uniform please let the school know.

Dates for your Diary

  • Easter Holidays – 08/04/17 – 23/04/17
  • School closure – 27/04/17 12pm onwards
  • Sports Day – 17/07/17