03 Mar

  • By lucywilliams

Head Teacher Weekly Update

India Day

Just before half term the primary students took part in India Day, prior to this they had spent time looking at India, the role of Mahatma Gandhi, the different cultures and created artwork.  The day was brilliant with students taking part in different activities.  Mrs Davies has written a piece about India Day below:


The last day before the spring half term saw part of the school transformed into a multi-sensory Indian experience zone!  Mrs Matharu brought in cooking spices and ingredients to fill the kitchen with exotic smells, Mrs Watkin inspired the pupils to carve beautiful tactile rangoli patterns into clay hands, and the famous King G returned to fill the hall with drumming, action and laughter.  It was a really happy and fun filled day for all involved.

Mrs Matharu’s India

Mrs Matharu started the day by sharing with us her own experiences of 5 visits to family in the Punjab, and she clearly explained how attitudes have changed and modernised over the years.  She told us that people have become more tolerant of different clothing and customs now.  She explained that girls dress up very colourfully (the men wear mainly brown and black), but they are expected to be modest and cover themselves, including their legs and heads.  She told us this is quite hard in 40 degree heat!  She showed us some beautiful colourful outfits belonging to her own children, which pupils were allowed to try on.

The Most Delicious Curries and Kebabs

The kitchen was a busy, vibrant area with children at first claiming that they didn’t like curries or kebabs but by the end of the session pronouncing everything delicious, and they were proud of themselves for trying new and exciting foods.  Some of the CA team who were around also agreed with the ‘best ever’ verdict on the curries.  Some willing seniors were drafted in to stir bubbling pans, and by the end of the day Mrs Matharu and her teams had produced a full 5 or 6 course meal.  An extraordinary achievement and all with a smile on her face!

The Art Studio

This was an oasis of creative calm in contrast to the other rooms.  Pupils were seen quietly and contentedly designing rangoli patterns, which they then carefully and patiently carved into clay hands.  The hands have since been painted in the bright orange, white and green colours of the Indian flag and they look stunning.  Mrs Watkin really did inspire thoughtful, unique and individual designs by all pupils and it was remarkable how much precision and effort went into each hand.

The Drums and King G

The call of the drums could be heard and felt by all during the day, and the hall was full of fabulous noise, actions and wide grins.  Many seniors were able to join us for some lessons, and King G’s enthusiasm was totally infectious.  They could not resist joining in with clapping and actions, whilst the primary pupils listened intently to instructions to ensure that their drumming was as good as it possibly could be. 

The Dhol Drum

Pupils learnt about the parts of the Dhol dum – the goat skin end for deep loud notes and the plastic end for a sharp sounds, and the two sticks – the duga (big stick) and tilli (smaller stick) and the folk origins of the drum.  They became Dholis or drummers, quickly learning unique rhythmic sequences.  It was astonishing how quickly they learnt to play and perform, and they smiled throughout. 

King G

King G led by example, speaking quietly to give direction, always praising, and sharing a sense of joy.  He is something of a celebrity in his own sphere, and has recently been awarded a British Empire Award.  He holds many world records and has been a pioneer of popular dhol drumming in Britain.  He is a truly inspirational man and we were very fortunate to have this experience booked through Primary Workshops.  Thank you to the trust for making this possible.

The Parents and the Pupils

A huge thank you to all parents who came to enjoy the performances at the end of the day.  I have no doubt they were impressed by the standard of drumming achieved by all pupils, and know from the audience reaction and encore request that King G thrilled everyone with his singing, dancing and zest for life!  Well done and thank you to all pupils involved – you made this a truly unforgettable and enriching experience.

Mrs Davies

India Day Article photos 2017

Welsh Day

This week the Primary students will be hosting a Welsh day, I am sure this will be just as good as India Day, the report will follow next week

World Book Day

March 2nd was World Book Day, the students were informed about the day, why it is celebrated and received £1 book tokens to spend.  If your child hasn’t received a token, please ask reception for another one the tokens are valid until March 26th and can be used at all good book shops.

Internet Safety Survey

Just a reminder to please complete the Internet exit survey which has been emailed home


Since the start of January the school has a focus on Respect.  This includes respecting one another and equipment.  The students have organised cleaning rotas to ensure that the building is tidy and equipment is not left around.  Students are encouraging each other to be mindful of respecting school property and looking after school laptops.

Uniform and Equipment

Next week, students will have uniform spot checks to ensure that they are wearing the correct uniform to school and have the correct equipment.  Please can you ensure that students bring a pen, pencil and ruler to school.

Year 13 Business Presentations

On the 22nd March, Year 13 students will be presenting to local Business Leaders to showcase their skills and prepare for the world of work. This is a wonderful opportunity for students and we are grateful to the community members involved.

Parents Afternoon

On Tuesday 4th April the school will close at 1pm for parents to attend parent’s afternoon, to meet with your child’s teacher(s) to discuss progress.  This will be for both Primary and Secondary students.  The afternoon will start at 1pm and finish at 4pm.  Students will remain in school until parents have met the relevant teacher(s). If you wish your child to accompany you to the meeting, this will be no problem.   If you cannot attend, please make arrangements for collecting your child from school.   Following feedback from the last parent’s afternoon, appointments will be made by students but for a longer period of time.

Data on your child’s progress will be collected prior to the Parents Day and sent home via email.   Appointment slips will be issued next week.

Sports Day

I am very pleased to inform you that Stockport have kindly offered to host Sports Day.  This will be on July 17th at the City of Manchester Stadium.  More details will follow nearer the date.

Dates for your Diary

Year 13 Business Presentations                                                                                22/03/17

Houses of Parliament Trip (Year 9&10)                                                                  27/03/17

Amazon Warehouse Trip (year12/13 Business Studies students)                     28/03/17

Parents Afternoon 1pm – 4pm                                                                                  04/04/17

Sports Day                                                                                                                     17/07/17