11 Jan

  • By lucywilliams

Head Teacher Weekly Update

Adverse Weather Information

If there is significant snowfall or other weather conditions which may affect the school, a message will be posted on the school website early in the morning so that you are informed in a timely manner.

SDL Room

Over the Christmas Break, the SDL area was redesigned to incorporate more huddles and booths for students to work independently and quietly.  Mrs Hockley’s room was converted into a collaborative zone for students to discuss ideas and work together.  Mrs Hockley has a new base in the Primary area of the school.  So far all indications are that students are working productively in the newly redesigned areas.

PE Kit

Please can you ensure that senior students bring in their PE kit on Fridays as on a number of occasions students have forgotten items at home.  In addition please can they bring in warmer items of clothing due to the cold weather at the moment, all PE kit including winter kit must be from the prescribed uniform.

Dates for your Diary

Teacher Training Day                     10/01/17                              National Focus Inset on SDL

School Closure                                18/01/17-19/01/17

Houses of Parliament Trip            27/03/17