28 Nov

  • By Mr Larry Wilson

As part of their VC study programme, the Year 13 History students from Newry visited Newtown Campus for an intensive day of work with Mr Smith and the Newtown Campus A level History students. Georgia Watson, Jarleth Watson, and Sacha Kilbey. They worked on a variety of tasks ranging from discussing coursework on Nazi Germany to the growth of trade in the British Empire, and even had time to write a few revision Haikus! A Haiku is a Japanese-style poem of three lines containing five, seven, five syllables. It adds an extra challenge to revising a topic by getting students to make a Haiku for a topic area. Here are a couple that they did:


The slave triangle,

Made a lot of people rich,

And made others poor



Conservatives and Tories,

Adopted free trade


Slaves Cramped on a ship,

Dysentery and death rule,

Till they end up sold…


Hot lunch was provided for the visitors, and they were able to catch up with other students on the campus in break time. It was a really valuable day for the members of the teaching group to meet each other in a formal environment and do some quality work together.


Thanks go to Mr Watson for giving up so much of his time to transport the three students over from Ireland, to Mrs Turner for organising the hot lunches, and to the students at Newtown Campus who made the visitors so welcome.