02 Oct

  • By Mr Larry Wilson

Well done to all the  students who worked so hard to make the campus participation in the national event to support this most valuable of charities

Some of the comments of those that attended

“Absolutely beautiful selection of cakes- very welcoming atmosphere; well done GCSE Year”

“Lovely way to spend Friday morning! Such a happy atmosphere and marvellous cakes; well done everyone!”

“Thanks so much Year 10 for all your hard work! Lovely selection of cakes and a very enjoyable time”.

” Thanks very much for inviting me, very enjoyable piece of carrot cake and many to take home! Well done on the presentation, it all looked lovely”.

“Beautiful cakes; really enjoyed it”.

“Fantastically organised, very high standard of presentation and quality, most impressed; from flowers on tables to delicious eats and drinks- well done all round!”