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Great way to end a productive year »

Students finished the year with a treasure hunt and then a celebratory barbeque to say good bye to staff leaving and to


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Super Learning Day »

2.44 The final results are 3rd Place Warriors 304 2nd Place Troopers 409 1st Place¬†¬† Raiders 437   ¬† ¬†   1


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Mountain Walk Success »

Both¬† Newtown¬† and Stockport Campuses joined forces to ‘climb the mountain to academic success’ as they as


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6th Form Graduation »

We had a wonderful first in the school -the 6th Form Graduation. As we remember, review and show a respectful thank you


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Antarctica exhibition »

The primary students had a wonderful day at the museum in Shrewsbury- get all the details below Visit To Antarctica

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Term dates and holidays »

These are what we have at present and if they are updated we will let you know as soon as we get them   FLT_Academi

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Enterprise at Newtown »

Check out the extent of the primary enterprise event Newtown Entrepreneurs Make a Fortune


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WWW Wilson’s Weekly Words »

Each week I will attempt to summarise the weeks ideas and highlights for you to listen to. On the basis that we get so m


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New Look SDL »

We had a learning space that we knew did not offer us the opportunity to develop SDL in the way we wanted. Rather than h


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Shared skills-shared excellence »

Wednesday 28th June saw the first shared school event of the new partnership between Newtown and Stockport Campuses. We