11 Dec

  • By adrianpaynter

imperial-war-museum-1In late November, Years 10 to 13 visited the Imperial War Museum in London. The museum from the outside looks very grand and is even more imposing given the two huge battleship guns at the entrance.

The main focus for our group was to visit the Holocaust Exhibition which covers the history of the persecution of the Jews in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, culminating in the Final Solution. This was a very sombre but important experience for students who were able to see personal experiences of people who survived the camps and also to understand the ability of a few people to shape the destiny of so many. It was of importance also to their studies since the Holocaust is covered at both GCSE and A level History.

imperial-war-museum-2Students were able to visit other exhibitions too, such as the revised First World War area, which contained a wide range of items from a shell case to a huge metal ‘tree’ which was fabricated by the British and planted in no man’s land to replace an existing damaged tree. The metal one was used as a sniper outpost. The exhibits on the ground floor included the remains of a car blown up in a bomb blast in Baghdad in the recent Iraq war.

The visit was trouble-free until on our return, the Birmingham to Wolverhampton rail line suffered major disruptions and because of the uncertainty over how soon there would be an onward service to Shrewsbury, three buses were arranged to meet us at Wolverhampton. We thank Nick and Kerry Wallach, and Duncan and Ruth Morren for their tremendous support in doing this.

imperial-war-museum-3Thanks go to the staff of the Imperial War Museum in London who did everything they could to make our visit pass smoothly, including looking after our bags and speeding us into the Holocaust exhibition. In addition thanks go to Mr Smith for organising the trip and Mr Robinson, Mark and Rosie Brassey and David and Julia Plant for accompanying the group and supervising them so effectively.