21 Oct

  • By adrianpaynter

Mid Wales Art Trip

The Art trip went well with students commenting on how much they enjoyed working with clay, some of the clay models will be fired in the kiln.  Students had a mini quiz on sculptures, drew some of the sculptures and used techniques to make the images 3D.


Wilton Park Students Visit

Wilton Park students visited the campus on Wednesday, they had an enjoyable day being taught by Mr Smith, helping with the choir and thought the hot lunches were wonderful especially as they do not have hot lunches at Wilton Campus.


Primary School Trip

The Primary school trip was successful, students enjoyed relating the properties to their homes and houses topic. There first task to complete a quiz, based on buildings and architectural features; this meant pupils really using their observational skills to spot things such as window numbers and carvings. The second task was to ask members of the public to fill in a short questionnaire about houses (the questionnaire was written in groups). The results have been collated using a variety of graphs have been used to summarise the findings. For example, most people live in a detached house, and that younger people (under the age of 25) tended to still live at home with their parents or rent their own house.

Students were polite and courteous were when approaching the public, and we had many compliments on how smart they  looked.