19 Jul

  • By Mr Larry Wilson

2.44 The final results are

3rd Place Warriors 304

2nd Place Troopers 409

1st Place   Raiders 437





1.52 Bevis- takes displays to a new level

1.48 -More of a gallery


An update

Jonty has provided us with some clips- sad to say this is not in real time!


1.10 And now you can start to panic! Only a lesson left really as P6 is about tidying and getting the appraisals of work complete- it is intense but well worth it. I think we may have a number of students still exhausted from the walk. All in al things have gone really well so far- so the last push please

12.41- And so lunch! What a morning!


Things are getting a little ‘urgent’ now as time is running away from us

11.38 The competition between the Houses has been strengthened by the competition between the schools- don’t forget to look at Stockport’s site for ideas


More images of the day

So lets start with some inspiration for P3 and 4- to see us through to lunch- Mum’s, Dad’s are you not impressed?


It’s messy, challenging but good fun.

Ask Kirsten she’ll have the best advice.

Messy but great!

I’m too busy to talk to you Miss

We’ll swap you blue card for yellow

Today has given us a chance to work together

You have to have a great team if you’re going to create a great display and we have


We are very organised

Have you got any green backing paper you can lend us?

We have epic ideas


Ours is the best because it is imaginative and a great way of sharing knowledge

I can’t tell you about our display because it’s going to be a surprise

Our display is about sports day. It’s ambitious and it’s going to be big

Miss; it only gets better

10.41- I need a cup of tea! Thanks for the photographs Jonty! Really capturing the day


10.21- The voice of reason


 We are very optimistic that we will win

It’s good fun working together

10.20 – Fighting talk


It’s been a great opportunity for older students  and younger students to work together.

 It’s quite testing working in a different groups but we are getting there!

 We haven’t got enough staple guns but we’re still going to win.

 We are all working together but we all have different tasks and we are contributing to a big plan




We are working really hard and we’re going to beat you!

We might be slow but we will produce quality work. Is this a warning to other Houses or Stockport! The gloves are off!!!!!



10.09 “we are through the planning and have started the building” Frankie Blackledge

10.08 “everyone is happy” – Astrid

Off and running -Jonty, the roving photographer is keeping us informed

10.07 The Key to the day is don’t panic!

10.04 Teamwork is the difference between OK displays and world class support material- how will it be used? How will it help?

Get involved!

10.02 You are never too old or thin to take part! I thought Mr Wilson was at Stockport!

10.01 Hydration is really important- you can overdo things otherwise!



Good morning to you all. Super Learning Day is poised to be yet another exciting way to bring this busy week and the term to a fitting conclusion.

Throughout the day you will be able to follow the events as they unfold. Both Newtown and Stockport Campus students will be feeding information and images to parents and community members to let them know what is going on- so refresh this link on a very regular basis.

At present Mr Bourne and myself are on site waiting in anticipation for the first students and the start of the day at 9.00am- “is that a school bus?….no just a van!”

Today is all about displays in school.
Why do we have them, what roles do they really serve? What can they achieve to stimulate, enthuse, engage and support?

Students will be examining these questions and transforming the entire school today as they consider what is the best and most effective way to display things in the school.

We hope you enjoy the day and if you have any comments to add during the day email larry.wilson@focus-school.com