16 Sep

  • By adrianpaynter

SDL Projects:

Year 7 students were given an SDL project to do at the end of year 6.  The project involved picking two or more ,”Big Questions” and answering them in any way they wished.  The winners for each question were as follows:

What shall we have for dinner? Chantelle Simpson

Can Maths be beautiful? Kirianna Morrish

Are you like your great – grandparents? Charro Morton

Can you make a piece of art to represent you? Diego Newton

How have European countries influenced our culture and lifestyle? Oro Simpson


Classroom Challenge update:

Students have put in a tremendous effort to complete the classroom challenge, the video of our entry will be on our website for your perusal soon.


Year 12 and 13 First Aid Course:

Students in Years 12 and 13 will have the opportunity to participate in a First Aid course over the next few weeks as part of their enrichment activities which are in addition to academic qualifications.


Notices for parents:

A reminder to parents to ensure Primary students bring school coats as the weather is constantly changing.  Senior school students must ensure they bring their blazers to school.

There will be a staff training day for both Primary and Secondary on October 17th, school will therefore be closed for students.