The student leadership team consists of the Year 12 students who meet on a weekly basis with the Headteacher and the CA team. They are the vehicle by which all student communications take place. They further strengthen their input and deepen student leadership by chairing the four student committees- these meet every two weeks and their main findings and plans are fed back to the Headteacher and the CA team through the Student Leadership Team

Charities and Community – this committee considers the impact the school can have on the wider world and how it can support initiatives by the school to make our own environment better.

Lyle, Amaryllis, Frankie, Wilson, Delores, Sian, Alice and Astrid. Chaired by Lee Simpson

Wellbeing – this group consider the issues that may need to be addressed to help make the school a better place for everyone- issues may include bullying, support for students that need help for any reason

Joel, Charro, Georgiana, Carwenna, Kirianna, Jemimah, Iolanthe and Brittani. Chaired by Vienna Brown

Teaching and Learning – we cannot become world class without input from students. The teaching and learning committee will consider ways that students can impact on SDL, lesson improvements. When we appoint teachers, the committee will take a leading role in the process

Wade, Oro, Coralie, Carlo, Arran, Ronan, Guy and Chantelle. Chaired by Holly Blackledge

Rewards and Sanctions – this committee will look at self regulation of students and ways we can all feel appreciated and a part of the school community. The group will look at ways we can all help to ensure we are not a school held by policy, we are a school led by a shared and common desire to be the best.

Wynton, Corey, Dougie, Chiquita, Archie, Kirsten, Jefferson and Jessie-Anne. Chaired by Jayden Paynter