The school is an approved centre for examinations with the Joint Council for Qulaifications


The centrte is acredited and compliant with the regualtions for  Approved Centres (1st Sept2016-31Aug 2017)


To see the candidates examination handbook click here

Candidate exam handbook amended January 2017

Anyone wishing to see the full examination policy document please contact the school

The following link explains what students must be aware of to be compliant for public examinations. The school is obliged both morally and legally to share and diseminate this infomration. Do please make time to read over this- it is critical if you are taking examinations this year. Remember KS2 SATS exams, GCSEs, A levels etc. are all public examinations and are controlled by these regulations.

Click here for more details of student information

The timetable for 2017 public exminations  will be posted here in due course

Examination preperation guidance for students