The HOTT (Homework of The Term) is positioned at the top of the stairs in the senior school. Students have their work (either homework or SDL work) that showcases excellence and student achievement. The work is there to inspire others to work to this level and they can actually look at work that is of a world class level. Some work shows the progression from 1st,2nd and 3rd drafts.

Ron Berger wrote a book called the ‘Ethic of Excellence’ in which the part time teacher ad part time carpenter talks of seeking to produce beautiful work. We rarely do this in a single draft but we should seek to improve and never settle for mediocrity. Students self regulation and peer critiquing will be the key for the way we move forward and the showcasing of excellent work is one of our first steps.

Below is Ron Berger’s Austin’s butterfly. Berger asked a group of 5 year olds to regulate and support each other. Their brief was to draw a tiger winged butterfly as a scientific drawing for a USA stamp competition. In the first instance, Austin drew his imaginary butterfly  and then went for a critique session with his class. they advised him and guided him (no teacher input) and after a number of drafts see the improvement of this child in a day