The school has a document- the commendation book. This is a leather bound book that sits in the Headteachers office and is a record of students who have acted or undertook an action that is noteworthy. It is the schools clear recognition that this student has acted in a way that supports and drives the vision and ethos of the school forward.

All students are entered into this and each term the trustees examine and comment on those entered.

All entries are further maintained here on the schools website

Student                                     Reason                                                                                                                          Date

Jonty Lynes             Proactive collaboration with a student from another campus to build and develop the student leadership team                                                                                                                                                                          22-05-17

Jayden Paynter        Exceptional effort in making best use of GCSEPOD resource                                        22-05-17

Douglas Morren            Exceptional effort in making best use of GCSEPOD resource                                   22-05-17

Wade Blackledge   Outstanding work in topic that has resulted in excellent mask making                    25-05-17

Georgiana Hawgood             Exceptional effort and skills in textiles                                                                   07-06-17

Alice Hawgood               Outstanding SDL science work                                                                                                19-06-17

Archie Turner                 Outstanding SDL science work                                                                                               19-06-17

Ayrton Dalrymple               Outstanding musical performance to enhance the 6th form graduation                                 13-07-17    

Wilson Smith               Outstanding musical performance to enhance the 6th form graduation                                          13-07-17