Here are the unabridged comments of students from Newtown:-



Jehminah “ I feel privileged to be in a safe environment with all the support I need”

Kyran “ I like this school because I know I am always safe”

Sian “I’ve learnt a lot since I have been here and having discipline will take me to the very best future”.

Amaryllis “I feel happy and there is always a positive buzz surrounding me”

Iolanthe “I feel the teachers are always there for me”

Wade “I feel welcomed and I know the teachers are always around”

Alice “I love all the choices I am given for my lessons”

Archie “I love the variety of different activities”

Astrid “I know I will never get hurt”

Coralie “I like being in a school that is happy and positive”

Guy “I love the sense of humour in school”

Harland “The perfect atmosphere means I can work hard”

Winton “I feel I learn a lot every day and I will get forward fast”

Anya “I feel the amazing teamwork helps my social skills”

Carlo “I have a very high class education”

Cheyenna “We work together to ensure teamwork skills”

Francelle “SDL helps me to concentrate”

Jefferson “There is always enjoyable events to look forward to”

Lyle “I am encouraged to always do my best”

Rhiannon “I like SDL as I can work independently”

Tyran “There are fantastic resources and equipment provided which allow me to learn in the best way I can”

Chantelle “I love SDL because I love directing myself in my challenges”

Diego “ I like Wilson’s weekly words”

Kirriana “I love all the opportunities I get to do SDL to expand on my learning”


Bramley “I like being rewarded with merits. They help me work my hardest”

Corey “I feel inspired to keep learning”

Delores “I love all the new ideas that are brought into school”

Fabio We have an exotic SDL area that motivates me”

Fynn “I love moving on to new things”

Gina “I enjoy facing new challenges every day”

Glenda “I have everything I need to ensure a good education”

Jessie Anne “I feel encouraged by all my friendly teachers and students”

Millie “ I like stretching myself to the limits to fulfil my potential”

Arran “I like SDL because I can google on my laptop”

Bevis “The provision of laptops really helps my learning in class”

Cassia “I love that SDL is a great working environment”

Georgiana “I feel privileged to be in a world class school”

Joel “I feel my work can be completed a lot faster in our excellent SDL centre”

Ayrton “I love our sports facilities”

Chiquita “I love the healthy competition in our school”

Dougie “I enjoy having my own laptop because it gives me more options where and when I do my work”

Frankie “In our class we support each other and help each other’s learning. I really appreciate this support”

Hannah “I love our very frequent school trips”

Holly “I really enjoy SDL assignments where I can investigate as much as I want”

Ketsia “ Using SDL helps to create challenges for my education”

Kirsten “In this school I appreciate the fact that all teachers are there at the right moment whenever I need them”

Rio “I like working at my own pace in SDL”

Brittani “There is an excellent environment”

Bronte “I feel the teachers are always positive”

Jayden “Brilliant House Teams”

Lee “I have a passion for learning in this amazing environment”

Kenton “SDL is good for me”

Vienna “SDL gives me an opportunity to work independently”

Jonty “I love the new collaboration with Stockport”